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As a member of the Orwigsburg Fire Department, you will belong to one of the finest Volunteer Fire Departments. In the past years the advances made in the Fire Service by this Department has made it one of the most progressive within Schuylkill County. Because of our “Progressive Philosophy” we have gained the respect of other members within the Fire Service. Being a member of this fine organization will give you a sense of pride and distinction.

Making the commitment to serve your community, as a Volunteer Firefighter is one of the most dedicated and selfless choices that you can make in your life. You will gain even greater satisfaction from being a well-trained and knowledgeable firefighter. As a member of the Orwigsburg Fire Department you will have the gratification of being an unpaid professional, shouldering the moral responsibility of doing your job efficiently.

If you are over the age of 18 years old and wish to become a member of the Orwigsburg Fire Department, simply click on the Senior Membership Application Form listed below and follow the directions that are specified within the membership application. Upon completing the application, follow one of the two methods listed below for submitting of the application for processing.

Download: Senior Membership Application

  1. Stop by the Fire Station (121 N. Liberty St. Orwigsburg) and turn the application in personally.
  2. Mail the application to the following address:
    Orwigsburg Fire Dept.
    Attn: Membership
    PO Box 205
    Orwigsburg, PA 17961

Please attach any training certifications that may have been acquired with prior emergency service affiliations.

Once your application has been completed and received, please allow for a maximum of a two-month period for a background history to be conducted.


Orwigsburg Fire Department Junior Firefighter Program

The Junior Firefighter program has been established by the Orwigsburg Fire Department to carry on the tradition of safely developing young firefighters through quality education and training. These young men and women of the Orwigsburg Fire Department will gain a sense of pride, teamwork, and satisfaction as they serve and protect the people of the Orwigsburg area.

Benefits To Becoming An Orwigsburg Fire Department Junior Member

  1. Resume Builder for College and/or Job Profession
  2. Yearly Scholarship Awarded upon High School Graduation
  3. Develop New Friendship and Bond with Fellow Firefighters
  4. Receive the Opportunity to Attain Quality Training
  5. Gain Experience That Can Help with Life’s Lessons
  6. Being Part a Team That Serves and Protects Orwigsburg and Surrounding Communities

Membership shall be limited to persons who have attained the age of sixteen (16) years and have not attained the age of eighteen (18) years. All applicants for Junior Membership shall obtain a Transferable Work Permit (16 & 17 year olds) from school, Parental Permission Slip and a Membership Application for approval at a regular Company Meeting. The Fire Chief will have the authority to approve or deny Junior Member Applications and discuss the activities associated with firefighting with the Junior Member’s parent or guardian.

During the school tem Junior Members (16 & 17 years old) may not respond to alarms between the hours of 12 midnight and 6 am, except the night before a legal holiday or Saturday or Sunday which they can respond until 1 am. If a Junior Member is on the fireground before midnight he/she can remain until the incident is over.

Junior Members will be required to attain satisfactory (passing) school grades. Junior Members will be required to have their report cards reviewed by the Fire Chief or other Line Officer at the end of each marking period. Unsatisfactory (failing) grades will result in suspension from the Fire Department during weekdays until the Junior Member’s grades improve.

During the summer vacation (last day of school – first day of school) there are no restrictions regarding the time allowed to respond to alarms.

Download: Junior Membership Application

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